If you are dreaming of starting your own business you should speak to Liz from 121temps. It will no longer be a dream, cuz Liz, Susan and the other team members from 121temps will help you to make it happen. Liz, a huge thank you to you for the support you provide.  If anyone is thinking of working from home around your kids, it is possible. You just have to talk to Liz or the team from 121temps.

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What makes us different from any other network out there?     Our team of course.  We all work hard to help virtual assistants “live the life they want by working virtually”.  We give you the confidence you need to take control and build a flexible lifestyle.

We are the only training and mentoring network for virtual assistants who draw on the expertise of 4 people to help you start and grow a successful business.

about 121temps


Liz Parker, was a previous CEO and Senior Manager with advanced IT skills and an accreditation in workplace assessing and training who gave up her 6 figure income to start 121Temps in 2006.

Since then she has helped hundreds of virtual assistants and small business owners create successful businesses.  Liz is a great motivator with innovative ideas.  She always goes that little bit extra to help members over road blocks.

As a published No.1 Bestseller co-author on Amazon, a writer of children’s books, invited presenter at networking groups, course developer and presenter and an all round business strategist, there is no-one better placed to help you grow a business you can be proud of.

Liz is also an experienced business coach and mentor with the Australian Businesswomen’s Network (now HerBusiness) and Smart Business Forum.

Liz is all about collaboration, she believes that by working together and supporting each other in our businesses that we all benefit.   “Let’s lift everyone and make all our lives easier and more fulfilling!”

In 2017 Liz was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She then underwent 14 months of surgery and treatment.  Her story on overcoming not only this challenge but also reversing type 2 diabetes at the same time will amaze you.  Read about how she did this through intermittent fasting and diet.

Liz’s best tip?  Build a list of subscribers from the very first day of your business.  It makes marketing much easier in the long term.


Lisa Walker, Systems Manager

Lisa has been with 121 Temps since the beginning and has a thorough understanding of virtual businesses.  With over 15 years experience in administration/bookkeeping as well as an experienced database designer and administrator who has advanced skills in training.  Lisa is an expert time manager who is well organised.  Lisa makes sure our automated systems are working well and is our go to person for all things financial.

Lisa does love catching up once a year for a small glass of wine or two, chewing the fat and solving all of life’s problems.  We love it too!

Lisa’s best tip:  Create a budget for your business and include an allocation for marketing.  Most virtual assistants try to do free marketing but you really need to invest some money into it.


Susan Wilkin, Virtual Support Consultant

For the past 10 years, Susan has been working with our team to mentor and support our new virtual assistants.  Susan offers our virtual assistant partners a unique insight and approach, afterall she started her business with 3 small boys in tow!  With so many different hats on and very limited time on her hands she started her business allocating 5 hours per week.  Eventually growing her business into a successful enterprise as her boys grew and prospered.

You can still see her at sporting and school events with her laptop up and running faster than the boys!

Susan’s best tip:  Automate as much as possible.  When you have several clients to look after and all your other responsibilities you will love yourself for it.  Look for technology that will integrate everything.


Storm McManus, Virtual Communications Manager

A relative new comer to our team (she has only been with us for 4 years).  Storm brings a wealth of knowledge and support in writing, content marketing, digital marketing and editing to the team.  Storm is an experienced classroom teacher with over 10 years experience managing communications and projects in the public sector.  As the manager of our VAPlacements program, Storm will be the person you deal with when applying for jobs.

Treat Storm well because she is the first person to speak to clients when they come looking for a virtual assistant – we all do!

Storm’s best tip:  “Don’t stop following up.  If you talk to a client and they say they will get back to you and they don’t, keep calling until you speak to them directly.  They are looking for a VA because they are very busy and they sometimes can’t get back to you for any number of reasons.

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