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Case Study: Julie Hurman

In this Case Study we talk to Julie Hurman about her journey to becoming a virtual assistant in Australia.

Business: Country Business Services/Social4Salons
Demographics: 3 Gorgeous Boys
Time as a virtual assistant: 5 years

Your Challenges:

What circumstances made you look at becoming a virtual assistant?
Living in a place where there is no public transport & having 3 school aged kids, I didn’t want to do the drive to work thing. I did want to work, but I really wanted to work around my children & be there for them for the holidays.  I researched into being a VA and believed this was the best choice for me. 

What were your initial challenges? 
Not knowing enough information. 

What was/were your biggest fear/s? 
Understanding what the client wants.  I am used to working in the office and being able to ask straight away any questions I had.  I also worked 5 day’s a week for the same client.  When you have several clients on the go at once, understanding each of their needs was something that I really needed to concentrate on.

Did any of the above become a reality?.
Not really.  I understood that I can call the client at any time to speak with them.  With today’s technology, they can either send you a video or share screens with you so that you can understand what they are asking.

What is your advice to people who are thinking of starting up as a virtual assistant?
Jump into Facebook Groups, ask, ask, ask questions, no question is too dumb, we have all been at the beginning.

Your Solution:

What attracted you most about becoming a virtual assistant?
The flexibility of working around my children.  Especially when it came to school holidays.  Being at home when they got home.  This meant that they didn’t have to go into after school care.

How did you get started, what was the first thing that you did? 
I put an advert in my local Facebook Community Group.

Tell me about some options you considered but rejected. 
Mostly Virtual Reception now, as I do not enjoy being tied to my desk.  I love the flexibility.

What would you do differently if you had to set up now? 
Learn more, pick a definite niche.  Don’t jump at all jobs just to secure the income.  Know that there are plenty of jobs out there.

Your Results/Benefits:

What has been your biggest success to date?
All of my clients, as every day I am still learning.  The money that I earn & the flexibility

How has being a virtual assistant changed your life or circumstances?
The money, Flexibility and being there for when my boy’s need me.

What is your goal for the future? 
To build my business more and be able to help other VA’s grow theirs.

If you had one piece of advice to give other virtual assistants, what would it be?
Talk to anyone in the business, as we all have a different piece of advice.  Don’t just grab any job, because you’re scared of not getting any work.  There are plenty out there.

Author’s Note:

Julie has been an active member of 121 Temps for a few years now and in that time we have seen her confidence grow and her business acumen increase.  Members like Julie inspire us, thank you, Julie.


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