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Create Your Own Virtual Assistant Website

Create your own virtual assistant website

How to Create A Website for your Virtual Assistant Business The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that everything you learn about your business can be converted to a client service if you wish. Creating a virtual assistant website falls into this category. Learning to build your own website will help you: Find […]

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Buying Signals – What Are They and How Do You Recognise Them


Do you have problems converting clients?  Understanding the buying process and in particular buying signals can significantly increase your conversion rates. There are several stages in the buying process that we all have to manage. Knowing what these stages are and looking out for clues to identify what stage your new enquiry is at will […]

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Examples of Great Sales Funnels for Virtual Assistants

sales funnel

A virtual assistant’s business value is often overlooked by most.  In this article I discuss setting up a sales funnel because it will bring several benefits. The value of your virtual assistant business is linked to the size of your list and how well you have documented your process and systems.  A great sales funnel for […]

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Business Networking for Virtual Assistants

networking for virtual assistants

Business Networking for Virtual Assistants is about Building Relationships Approximately 90% of people who are in business, hate face to face networking.  Business networking for virtual assistants can be a challenge.   It can be the idea of walking into a room full of strangers and starting a conversation, it can be the fear of […]

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What I did to set up an email selling machine

email selling

A few years now, ago I signed up for a very expensive course out of the USA that showed you how to create an automated system to sell information products – yes create my own Email Selling Machine. I really wanted to create an additional income stream for my business that wasn’t linked to my […]

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home

become a virtual assistant and work from home

Where to Start to Become a Virtual Assistant and Work from Home In this short guide on how to become a virtual assistant and work from home, I will be providing you with some simple steps to do to get started as a virtual assistant.  Please try and do the research first as the results […]

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Virtual Assistant Agreement or Contract

virtual assistant agreement

What constitutes a virtual assistant agreement or contract? A lot of virtual assistants and clients would be amazed to know that they have entered into an agreement during a verbal discussion.  If during the discussion the virtual assistant has made an offer and the client has agreed then an agreement or contract has been formed. […]

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Easy Marketing for Virtual Assistants

marketing for virtual assistants

Easy Marketing for Virtual Assistants Starts Here. I see a lot of virtual assistants marketing the hard way and putting a lot of effort into it as well.  Unfortunately, as soon as they stop putting effort into marketing, they lose momentum. There is an easier way, but you will need to create some resources to […]

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