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Take Your Virtual Assistant Seriously


The virtual world sometimes creates a casual environment and we become casual with hiring virtual assistants, but we shouldn’t. Here’s why.

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7 Areas for Becoming a Virtual Assistant in Australia in 2018


(Updated for 2018 to take into account changes in legislation and changes in available resources and technology) If you are interested in working from home and using your skills to sell services to small business owners and other markets, this information will interest you.  These are the 7 steps that I have taken thousands of […]

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The Truth About Virtual Assistant Jobs

virtual assistant jobs

We frequently see the questions below posted online and social media and we thought it would be remiss of us not to provide honest answers and reveal the honest truths about virtual assistant jobs. Becoming a virtual assistant is a very attractive option, especially for working women and those who can’t find employment for various […]

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Business Structures for Virtual Assistants

business structures

I decided to write this article about business structures for virtual assistants because there isn’t much available for virtual assistants. (That isn’t “Government speak”).  If you are like me, you find it hard to translate from “Government speak” to your own language at times. First of all, there are many issues to consider when deciding […]

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No.1 Concern that New Virtual Assistants Have


Up The No.1 Concern that New Virtual Assistants Have Nine years and + 5000 respondents later we can be confident that we know the answer to this. Our Competency Assessment asks new virtual assistants about the level of competency they have in a range of areas. We also ask them what they are most concerned […]

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What Skills do I need to Be a Virtual Assistant?


Virtual Assistant Skills The skills that virtual assistants need to have are not only about the services they provide to clients. They are also about running their own business in Australia.  In fact, we built our competency assessment tool because we get asked about virtual assistant skills so often. To access the assessment – go […]

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Create Your Own Virtual Assistant Website

Create your own virtual assistant website

How to Create A Website for your Virtual Assistant Business The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that everything you learn about your business can be converted to a client service if you wish. Creating a virtual assistant website falls into this category. Learning to build your own website will help you: Find […]

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Virtual Assistant Insurance

virtual assistant insurance

Do Virtual Assistants Need Insurance? Virtual Assistant Insurance Options – Part 1 All businesses that operate in Australia are strongly advised to have at the very minimum public liability insurance.  The Australian Government’s small business website defines this as: If you look at the examples above, points 2 and 5 seem to be the most […]

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It’s Tax Time Soon – Home-Based Office Tax Deductions

tax deductions

Running a home-based business offers some opportunities when it comes to tax time.  It is important to have an accountant who can offer you some good advice. This video from the tax office will give you some ideas on what you should be including as  home-based business tax deductions.  Remember to check with your accountant […]

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Subcontracting – How to Avoid Penalities


If your marketing is going well, there will come a time in your business that you will need to bring in some help.  Your first instinct will be to hire a friend, neighbour or another stay-at-home Mum.  This article is to explain the risks that you take in doing this and in going down the […]

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