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What I did to set up an email selling machine

email selling

A few years now, ago I signed up for a very expensive course out of the USA that showed you how to create an automated system to sell information products – yes create my own Email Selling Machine.

I really wanted to create an additional income stream for my business that wasn’t linked to my time.  I work 3 days a week in my business and I really wanted to protect that but I had found that as my business got busier my free time was being eroded.

Email Swipe File? Seriously?

Now, I know, like me that you are skeptical about the whole concept.  There are lots of dodgy courses available online and just because they are expensive doesn’t mean that they are good – right?  Yes it is, but I struck gold and I can safely say that it was one of wisest investment decisions I have made for a long while.

As a result of completing this course and implementing their practical advice, I have experienced the thrill of waking up on a morning and seeing a substantial increase in my Paypal balance!  Yes, it was hard work and I had to allocate at least 4 hours each week of my precious time to the task but at the end of 6 months I had an automated system.  It wasn’t perfect but it worked really well.

Having tried and tested the system and made necessary tweaks to suit my market and my own personality and value set, I now want to spread the word and let others know how it works to experience the same thrill and freedom that I have.

Usually, I would restrict this training to members of my community but I am so excited about it all that i want to spread the information more widely.

I have  set up this special offer that includes the 24 email messages I use in my own system to attract and convert prospects.

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