Lead Magnets and Sales Funnels Ideas for Virtual Assistants - 2019
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Sales funnels for virtual assistants can be an absolute game changer for their marketing and business.

Imagine not having to spend time constantly marketing but have it on auto-pilot.  Set up the funnel once and make money from it ongoing.  It sounds to good to be true but you can easily do it with some inspiration.

A virtual assistant’s business value is often overlooked by most.  In this article I discuss setting up a sales funnel because it will bring several benefits.

Main Benefits to Virtual Assistants

  1. Bring an additional income stream (that’s not dependent on selling time)
  2. Increase the value of your business as you grow your list.  This is an asset that you can sell further down the track if you wish.
  3. When you set up your funnels, document everything and this becomes a further asset for your business.
  4. A great sales funnel for a virtual assistant can give you more time and less stress.
  5. You don’t have to market too hard when you lose a client – just go to your list for the replacement.

In this article I have come up with a few sample sales funnels to give you inspiration.  The better you know your target market and their problems or issues the more effect your funnel will be.

This free download should help you get started:

Download Lead Magnet/Landing Page Checklist

What is an Online Sales Funnel?

An online sales funnel is an automated marketing system that takes your prospects on a journey that you have created.  The journey will eventually lead them to a sale and hopefully return sales.

Part of the journey is to build trust and integrity so that they believe in you and your service.   With available technology you can create this sales funnel using email, sales and landing pages, thank you pages and automated payments and receipting.

The Work Happens Initially

The added value to you is that once you have invested the time in developing your sales funnels, there is very little demands on your time to complete the sale.  The sales funnel stays in place for many months with no more than a few tweaks required from you.  Therefore it is a smart way to grow a passive income stream for your business.

In addition, online sales funnels are a great opportunity for virtual assistants because they can make the intangible skills and knowledge you have and convert them into tangible information products to sell.

This is the best way to start earning a passive income that isn’t linked to selling your time.  After all you only have so much time to spare!  It does mean that you need to make the time investment in advance of making a sale.  However, you can continue to tweak and test the funnel until you get it operating at the level you want.

Take a Bird’s Eye View

Virtual assistants often can’t see how they can benefit from setting up their own sales funnels.  They seem to think that it works for others but won’t for them.  This is because it’s too difficult to look at it from a 30,000 metre view and compare it with what they already do and their specific goals.

Most people these days have been involved in a sales funnel of some sort.  They may or may not have completed the funnel but they certainly have downloaded a lead magnet in return for providing their email address.

They might even have been offered a low cost offer and even a core offer without realising what was happening.

Examples of Sales Funnels for Virtual Assistants

I am hoping that providing these examples of sales funnels for virtual assistants you will be inspired to get started with internet marketing to not only build your list but to sell information products based on your skills, knowledge and experience.  The long term benefits far out weigh the required time and money investment.

Example #1

The Admin Virtual Assistant

admin assistantThis virtual assistant offers general admin and PA services to her clients.  The specific work she does is:

  • Manages her client’s emails and ensures that the inbox is clean and emails responded to within a certain timeframe.
  • Makes travel arrangements for client when travelling to do presentations. Travel, accommodation, speaker presentation slides, special offer to participants available for download from his website and follow up messages to those who have attended.
  • CRM – keeps the client’s customer service records and ensures data is kept clean up to date.

This virtual assistant wants to attract more leads into her list who are presenters interested in ordering Powerpoint slides from her.  She loves this work and loves helping presenters look good.


Step One:  Free lead magnet – Blog article with free checklist

  • Blog Title:  The one thing you should do to become an “in demand” presenter.
  • Free checklist – download our free presenter’s checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything for your first presentation that will dazzle your audience.

Step Two:  Low cost – high value offer (less than $10)

  • The New Presenter’s Toolkit
    This is a powerpoint presentation with links to relevant information for a new presenter split into different sections –  Technology, Worksheets, Structuring your presentation, What not to do, what makes a good presentation etc.

Step Three:  Core Offer – Online Course and Resources ($227)

  • Complete course on how to become a presenter, including resources such as powerpoint template, speaker notes hints, how to find events and organisations who will invite you to present.

Step Four (Optional) Premium Offer (membership or retainer service)

  • Done for you service – I’ll find the events and organisations, create your presentation in all formats required, promote you to potential audiences, create social proof and social media awareness, help with format to sell at the presentation and follow up with attendees.

Example #2

The Writer Virtual Assistant

va for writersThis sales funnel is one for a virtual assistant who offers proof reading, editing and writing services.  The virtual assistant likes to work with self-publishers, academics and students.  She wants to attract new self-publishers to her community and wants to earn a passive income from this.  She finds that she works best with these clients.

Sales Funnel #2

Step One:  Lead Magnet: Free Assessment – Are you ready to self publish?

  • This is an online survey which uses the free service on www.surveymonkey.com.  The virtual assistant has used Zapier to set up a free Zap so that when the “complete” button is pressed on the survey, Zapier writes a command to the email manager to send the first autoresponse.

Step Two:  Low cost, high value offer for $9.95 “The Self-Publishers Guide and Checklist”

  • This is an ebook with a simple checklist to help someone who has never self-published before create an ebook, and all the steps to getting it self-published together with all their options.

Step Three:  Core Offer $197 – View a video for each step mentioned in the guide showing you what to do.

  • As there are many options with self-publishing the upsell are a set of 20+ videos that show the person how to do everything mentioned in the guide.

Example #3

The Web Virtual Assistant

web assistant In this example, the virtual assistant helps her clients with web maintenance, social media and general customer service tasks.  Now, it is possible to set up a separate funnel for each, to prioritise the virtual assistants reviews her current workload, assesses which market brings in the most profits for her and understands the size of the market.  She decides that she wants to build her first funnel for small local businesses who want to do more with their website.  The virtual assistant knows that she doesn’t want to create a website herself but she works with someone who can do this work for her at a set rate of $300.

Sales Funnel #3

Step One:  Lead Magnet: Free Website Cheat Sheet

  • Pop up window when people visit her website – get your free website cheat sheet to make your website more engaging.  Pop up is also used to create online ads

Step Two:  10 essential plugins to automate lead generation on your website ($9.95)

  • This is a list of plugins that every website should have to ensure that its working as it should do.  All the plugins are free or low cost and by installing the plugins the client is making sure that their website is optimised for engagement.

Step Three:  Core Offer $297 – Done for you offer

  • Is your website underperforming – this special offer will install all essential plugins on your website, review and fix any errors through Google Search Console, fix any SEO issues and generally ensure that your website is performing at an optimal level.  Package also includes bonus tactics on getting more traffic.

Example #4

The Transcription Virtual Assistant

transcriptionistIn this example, the virtual assistant offers transcription, typing and telephone support to her clients.  She already attracts a lot of clients through her marketing plan and activities.  She wants to attract other transcriptionists and typists through her funnel so that she can provide them with work when she is over-worked or on holiday.  This funnel is for this purpose.

Sales Funnel #4

Step One:  Lead Magnet: Free Transcriptionist Set up Guide

  • This is a guide for new virtual assistants who want to provide transcription services.  The guide provides the virtual assistants with a 5 step system that will ensure that they set up and get prepard for their first client.

Step Two:  Drills, Aids and Cheats for the savvy transcriptionist ($9.95)

  • This upsell takes the new transcriptionist through “real life” examples of tapes and helps them improve their performance.

Step Three:  Core Offer $297 – The Transcriptionists Accredited Course

  • A course that provides a certificate of completion to the participants that demonstrates to the clients they will offer the service to that the virtual assistant is suitably qualified to perform transcription services.  The course also provides a list of professions that are actively looking for transcriptionists and an offer to sign up as approved partner with the course presenter.
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