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Easy Marketing for Virtual Assistants Starts Here.

(This article has been updated for 2019)

I see a lot of virtual assistants marketing the hard way and putting a lot of effort into it as well.  The effort is put into it in short bursts and unfortunately, as soon as they stop, they lose the exposure they gained.

Marketing needs to be done on a regular basis for short periods of time.  In this way your marketing will continue to bring in leads as you work with your clients.

This system avoids the pitfall of loosing a client and having to start marketing again.  Marketing is a delayed reaction as there is always a delay between losing a client and replacing that income with another client.

The Easier Way to Market Your Business

There is an easier way, but you will need to create some resources to build a community and then keep feeding the community with tidbits of information from time to time.  Being consistent in communicating to that community only takes a few minutes or hours a week and tt is well worth the effort.  You will reap the rewards for your efforts in the long term as you simple pluck your next client from your list..

The Model is easy to understand:

  1. Identify your “signature dish” and build some resources that others can use – cheat sheets, swipe files, articles, checklists etc.  Answer the common problems that others have in this area.
  2. Ensure that you have the technology you need to capture email addresses and first names on your website.
  3. Use social media and paid ads to drive traffic to the resources and capture their details, add them to your list.

The 3 steps above are the minimum that you should do.  Every comment, activity or interaction you have online is an opportunity for you to add to your list.

Building Your List

Aim to increase your list by 10 each week – that is only 2 per working day (if you are working full time, if not, reduce your goal to fit in with your working time.  If you work 2-3 days per week aim to increase your list by 4-5 per week)

Dealing with these numbers doesn’t seem daunting now does it?

In fact, if you allocate just 30 minutes per day, I am pretty sure that you will blow that goal out of the water!.

So in just a month or two you will have about 50 people on your list.  They have gone to you because they have a problem and are looking for a solution to that problem from you.

Building Your Resources

By creating resources – 1 resource should only solve 1 problem – you will start to understand the specifics of what each prospect is looking for.  You will be able to create and even sell more resources!  When you lose a client for one reason or another, you first go to your community to find a replacement.

This system does a couple of things but the most important part is that although you have lost a client chances are you will be able to replace that income quickly.

Download Swipfiles for Content

I have found that virtual assistants are reluctant to build a mailing list because they don’t know what to send to the subscribers once the mailing list is set up.  If you go to our marketplace you will find some really good email content swipe files that you can use.

Virtual Assistants also struggle with offering free checklists or downloads because they don’t value their own knowledge.  I have written some articles on this and I suggest you go to the article below to get some great ideas to implement.

Other Benefits to Cultivating Your List

I know that we are all very busy and unless you see a direct benefit to you that you will probably not invest the time into list building that you should.

I just wanted to fan the flames and give you some added benefits of creating and engaging with your list.

  1. Marketing Intelligence – you can gather a lot information about your clients by asking your subscribers to complete a survey, poll or answer additional questions on your form. You can then use this intelligence as part of developing your business services, packages and additional income streams.
  2. Building Authority – Your list keeps you invested in your own learning and development. You want to send out new and interesting information that showcases your services. To do this you have to keep on top of current issues. This in turn builds your credibility and authority in the eyes of your list.  (it also makes you feel good and in control).
  3. Building Routines and Systems – To ensure that you keep on top of your responsibilities, the list forces you to build in some type of automation into your business.  This then encourages you to become smarter and introduce other automations that will save you time and money.
  4. Gratitude – Subscribers make you aware of how incredibly lucky you are to be a virtual assistant and working at home.  Experiencing this lifestyle and the benefits it brings is an enlightening journey that you would never have normally experienced.

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