our servicesAll 121temps services are included as part of your premium member subscription. As a VA Partner you pay a small subscription each week and gain access to all our programs, services, training and support (detailed in our agreement) at no extra cost to you.

Our other levels of membership include a 12 week fast set up option, a free membership and a professional and growth membership.  [view member options]

If this is not what you are looking for, visit our online course website to view the professional courses available to you so that you can learn at your own pace, from your own home.- www.virtualonlinecourses.net.

Irrespective of what membership you join under, our aim is to support you as you start and continue to grow your business.  To help us tailor our services to the direct needs of our members we follow the critical success factors for running a successful business  (as per successful research studies) as our guide when developing professional development activities.

successful vaThe Profile of a successful Virtual Assistant

Successful virtual assistants effectively manage their cash flow, have defined a target market and created an effective marketing system, delegate when required and have a simple organizational structure.

Critical success factors for virtual assistants:

  1. Cash Flow Management
  2. Accounting records and Compliance with legal requirements.
  3. Marketing/Sales system that includes passive income
  4. Planning/delegation skills
  5. Time Management

It may take you some time to obtain the above because this is a journey.  However our services are designed to help you build these success factors into your business as your confidence and performance grows.  When you take our online PD Needs Survey we will develop a tailored development and growth program for you.

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Our Services:

 Cash Flow Management:  We provide you with a range of templates and training to help you set your financial goals, develop a budget and raise invoices to make sure your income is predictable.  We also help with credit collection on clients that we refer to you.

Account Records and Compliance:  We provide you with suggestions and advice on what to ask your accountant, ATO directives and some resources to help you ensure that you are meeting all your legal requirements.  Our partnership with Business Insurance Group makes sure you have access to the best prices for insurance cover.

Marketing/Sales System:  As part of our structured marketing education program we help you define your target market and the services you will offer to them.  We then help you set up multiple channels of leads into your business.  Our program also includes help with the structure of your website and setting up engagement tactics as well as social media support and training.  We provide support to you on an individual basis in regards to marketing strategy and then give you access to courses that help you implement the tactics on the marketing plan.

Planning/Delegation Skills:  Chances are you haven’t been in a situation previously where you have had to delegate and manage others.  We help with setting up your business in a way that you will obtain the most benefit. The very first step in setting up as a virtual assistant to decide what you will do, who you will help and how you will help them.  Armed with this information you can start to effectively find the clients who will benefit most from your services.  Our mentors help you one-2-one with this basic planning and design and we have an online course that you can complete on your time and from your own home.

Time Management:  Your time is already stretched and when you start your business it will be even more so.  We provide you with our Managing Time, Stress and Learning course.  We also help you one on one with ideas and suggestions on how to make the most of the time you have working on and in your business.

Finding Clients:  While our main aim is to train you to run an independent successful virtual assistant business, we also understand that initially finding clients can be rather daunting.  We believe that your support and training needs to cover the time when you will accept your first client (at the very least).  For this reason we have established www.vaplacements.com  This program attracts clients from everywhere and from a range of different industries and needs.  As a part of our program, you will have access to our advertised jobs and access to resources and training on how to attract prospects and how to convert them.

Monthly Webinar Program:  Each month (at the very minimum) we hold a live webinar that is recorded and the recording uploaded to our VA Learning Centre.  Our members make requests on topics and we arrange everything else.   For 2015 so far we have had topics ranging from Motivation Techniques, Getting WordPress to Work for You, Creating the perfect lead magnet…..just an example of our range of topics being presented.

Technology:  Our ability to deliver services to our clients depends on technology.  As a previous national IT Centre Manager for a large organisation, I understand all too well the challenges of being dependent on technology that isn’t well supported.  We provide the following to our premium members; Domain name, website hosting, wordpress install and training to build your website; Website engagement guide and checklist;  online VA learning centre and list of software to address the remote delivery of service issue are all included in your subscription as well as many other services and solutions. 50+ page handbook chocked full of resources and guides to make sure you are on the right track.  Our list of technology has been tried and tested by us and we are confident in our judgement.

Personal Mentoring and SupportA one-2-one support structure – a Virtual Support Consultant will provide you with a personal level of support (daily if needed)   Although we provide help with a website, member handbook and several other written and recorded resources, we also provide you with personal support to ensure you take full advantage of all our services.  You will also become a member of our closed skype group chat where you can interact with other virtual assistants with different levels of experience and expertise.

Finding your Ideal Clients and Identifying your Niche:  We take your Marketing very seriously which is why we have developed several programs to help you create the right marketing strategy for yourself and your business.  It all starts with your exit strategy and where you want to be in 10 years time and we work back from there to create defined annual/quarterly and monthly goals.  Our flagship is the Marketing Education Course for Virtual Assistants which was developed in conjunction with a marketing expert.  This course consists of 6 modules and is included as part of your premium subscription. The 6 modules includes:

  • Planning, Positioning, Promoting, Pricing, Increasing Sales, Retaining Clients.

This is tailored to the VA industry and was developed by a qualified Marketing Consultant with over 15 years experience in all facets of marketing and our CEO, Liz Parker (+30 years experience an training).  You will have access to prework, webinar and post webinar templates that will help you develop your own marketing plan.  A mentoring session at the end of each module will ensure that you have the correct approach for your niche.  An additional program that looks at online marketing and generating leads is also offered.

Continual Training and Development:  Online professional development opportunities – ranging from media training to time management, stress management and sales techniques. A full online business guide that is packed with resources, guides, contracts and templates. An online VA Learning Centre packed full of recorded webinars and other opportunities.   A live monthly webinar on a current topic.  Massive discounts to our virtual online courses – these courses have been developed to help you develop skills that can be offered as a client service.

We have tried to cover all eventualities with our services, but if there is something you need all you have to do is ask. We have a team of experienced business professionals and experienced virtual assistants with all the answers!