pricing for virtual assistants

The first step for a virtual assistant to grow their business is to set your goals and numbers so that you can measure your progress against these. Do some investigation into your current numbers. For example how many clients do you support currently and how much do they pay you. You can then work out an average and put some good goals together to work towards.

Most virtual assistants I know work from home because they want to improve their personal circumstances. It doesn’t really matter the reason why but you should write this down. We can sometimes work on achieving a goal and forget about the original reason for the change. If you write this down and pin it up on a prominent place it will remind you.

Here are some steps you can take to build growth into your virtual assistant business:

  1.  Set some clear goals around earnings and time you want to spend in the business.  Make it a SMART goal (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and set a time limit)
  2. Crunch your numbers – what services bring in the most money for the least amount of your time, for example.  Are there areas that you can build on.? Are there opportunities to develop one thing that you can sell to many?
  3. Test the responsiveness of your mailing list/s.  Start communicating with your subscribers and ask them what their current needs are.  Then put activities in place to build your list.
  4. Passive income will make a huge difference to your business, if you don’t have any automatic sales funnels in place currently, write this into your goals to achieve.
  5. Ask your current clients if there are additional areas that you could help them with.  Use them to do some market research around your passive income goals.

Your Growth Plan

Now you have done the above activities you have a bit of a plan to work towards.

Its time now to schedule in the work that you need to do to achieve your plan.  Allocate the time you need to do this otherwise it might get left until you have more time which very rarely happens.

Some tactics you can put in motion to find more “time” for your plan.

  • Eliminate waste.  Take a look at what you do currently and eliminate any time-wasters.  I found that I was spending too much time checking emails and reading messages from lists I had subscribed to without getting any real benefit.  I organized my email so that I only had to check it once a day and sometimes once every couple of days.
  • Find an extra 30 minutes each day.  You may need to rise 30 minutes earlier or have less of a break for lunch or morning tea.  You can generally find more time in your day if you are motivated enough.
  • Group small, similar, tasks together before attempting them.   I found that making my calls all at the one time it saved me time over my day.  I also found that creating content or headlines in groups of 10 or more was a more efficient use of my time.
  • Sign up for some professional development.  I know this sounds strange to include in this list but I always find that when I am building my skills and knowledge I remain more focussed on my goals and achieving them.

I hope this article helps you get started with thinking about growth tactics for your virtual assistant business.