The Virtual Assistant Handbook for Successful VAs

Planning, Compliance, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, Policies, Technology, Customer Service.  There is a lot to cover when you become a virtual assistant and in particular you must ensure that you comply with Australian law.

When you start on this journey it can feel very daunting and isolating. Our eHandbook will provide you with the right steps you need to take to become an Australian-based Virtual Assistant. At the same time, you will have an amazing resource as a reference tool for any questions that may be raised over the course of your business.​

The handbook is available online in a secure learning space and includes videos, activities, resources and links to relevant sites and further support PLUS you get lifetime access.


The Updated Virtual Assistant Handbook 2017

VA HandbookThe 2017 virtual assistant (VA) handbook is a unique, innovative and comprehensive tool to help virtual assistants build a profitable business.

The VA Handbook covers everything you will need to know to operate a compliant and successful business in Australia.

The handbook is unique in that it includes embedded training videos, resources to download and access to several courses relevant to each topic.  The VA Handbook will take you step by step from start up to growth phases of your business and all from the one place.

This handbook is for new virtual assistants looking for help with set up and compliance, planning and marketing their virtual assistant business.  The handbook is also a fantastic tool for existing virtual assistants looking to expand and grow their business.

Virtual Assistant Handbook Table of Contents


  • Exit Strategy
  • Time Management
  • Simple Business Plan


  • Marketing Plan
  • Online Profile
  • Website and Branding
  • 10 Channels of Leads
  • Conversion Tactics


  • Independent Contractors Definition
  • IP, Trade Marks, Licensing
  • Structure, Insurance, SPAM Act


  • Technology and Invoicing
  • Policies and Disaster Recovery


  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Pricing Strategies

Customer Service

  • Client Retention, Saying Thank you, Reviews
  • Referrals, Up-sell Tactics, Loyalty
  • Guarantee, Social Proof

Section 7:  Developing You 

Range of Activities and Portfolio
Building your community to support you
Code of Conduct
Workspace Set Up and OH&S Checklist

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