Reviews and Testimonials

Get the support you need to live your dream!
121Temps have years of industry knowledge. They’re supportive, helpful and consistently go the extra mile. An enormous world has opened up for me with so many opportunities it can be difficult to choose which direction to choose but I rely on the team from 121Temps to guide me back on track!! See what you can achieve!


Living my WAHM dream thanks to Liz and 121 Temps! I started to dream of working from home in 2012 shortly after the arrival of my first born. The last thing I wanted to do was to go back to work full time. I just didn’t have the confidence or self-belief to be able to let go of the corporate world. I ended up working part-time in the corporate world and part-time on my business (while bub slept). It was slow going. Being mentored by Liz was the best thing that happened to me. With Liz’s help I could pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do and who my clients could be. I managed to grow my skills as well – I enrolled in the 121 Temps blog assistant course and learnt some valuable skills to help harness my services. I am now 100% committed to my at home business and being my own boss is such a wonderful feeling. That work/life balance is definitely achievable! Contact Liz at 121 Temps and have a chat. You will be so glad you did!

Storm McManus

Great Aussie business supporting Aussie mum entrepreneurs. Simply put, Liz and the team at 121 Temps are GREAT. When I researched becoming a Virtual Assistant, I was very hesitant in signing up with an overseas company. The fact Liz is only 4-5 hours away by car from me was such a relief. I didn’t sign up immediately though and sent an initial enquiry. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a call from Liz herself. We had a good chat, and I knew I had found the right business mentor for me. Liz’s great down-to-earth supportive and non-judgmental approach was such a relief for me. Not knowing how much time I could devote Liz assured me I could devote as much or as little as my life allowed. Liz has walked me through the entire process step-by-step. Furthermore, you are not alone. The rest of the team at 121Temps ensures that you don’t feel isolated which working from home has a tendency of doing. I have made some great contacts and friends with other members on Liz’s team that I never feel isolated. And if ever you have a query, you simply ask via one of the many contact methods and someone WILL get back to you promptly. If anyone ever asks me I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Liz Parker @ 121Temps Pty Ltd as a business mentor and coach

Alex Freshwater

Knowledgeable and professional
When I started my VA business I wanted to make sure I did it right. I loved what 121 Temps was offering and I could tell they were professional and knew what they were talking about. They have proved me right time and time again and the benefits I have gained from the support and personal mentoring I have received are truly priceless. If anyone asked me about starting a VA business the first thing I would tell them to do is join 121 Temps!

Marylyn Beare

Finally I can still earn an income while looking after my disabled son.
I am so grateful I found Liz Parker of 121 Temps. After having to leave my full time government job due to the new and increasing medical problems with my 18 year old physically disabled son, I am still able to earn an income from home working around a busy medical visit schedule. With the ongoing training and mentoring from Liz of 121 Temps, I have gained more confidence in searching for potential clients who I can work for. I highly recommend any Parent that wants to work from home, no matter what your circumstances are, to contact 121 Temps. You won’t be disappointed.

Lisa Yates 

A wealth of knowledge and tailored individual support
After being away from the workforce for some time due to health problems, I knew I wanted to use my skills to work as a VA from home. However I didn’t know where to start in making this happen until I found Liz and her team at 121 Temps. They offer a wealth of knowledge and a excellent professional program to help new VA’s get their business up and running. The program is tailored to individual needs so that you are getting help in the specific areas that you require, and with help to set up your business to look the way you want it to look. They offer many networking opportunities and are continually increasing the scope of their program to include all the latest tools and apps. I completely recommend 121 Temps to anyone wanting to become a VA.

Sue Johnson 

Being a VA was the best decision I made…….
If anyone is interested in becoming a VA and are not quiet sure where to start, I would highly recommend contacting Liz Parker and the team at 121 Temps. I joined up and from day one was guided through the processes required in setting up my business. You get all the support you need. Heaps of FREE webinars to join in and learn latest business tips and also learn from other experienced VA’s. I now feel confident in my business and know what my ideal client is. Being a VA was the best decision I made, giving me the flexibility of being a mum and working my own hours

Melinda Lawler

Guidance and Knowledge with Flair
After being retrenched four times in six years within the corporate sector I felt it was time to throw myself into the copywriting business (woRDspin) I had set up after the third retrenchment. Even though I had a small client base of three years before, I felt a little lost about how to make it succeed. Thanks to Liz at 121 Temps I am on my way to achieving what I need to in my business. I have expanded my scope and capability and now have a business as a Copywriter/Virtual Assistant. Running your own business is at times hard and punishing but I’ve found I have such strong support when I need it from Liz and her company that nothing becomes too overwhelming and there is always somewhere to turn to learn what I need to learn. Thanks so much – I love working from home and knowing that I will never be retrenched again.

Raine Dinale

The Best Business Decision I Ever Made

I’ve known Liz Parker for 10 years now since I’ve joined 121 Temps and became a foundation member of VA Placements. Joining Liz’s network has been the best business decision I’ve ever made, as I get just about all I need for my business from her two companies, ie clients, resources and training.

Through Liz’ network I have also come to know many other VAs who work from home, which can be a bit lonely if you haven’t got someone to talk to and bounce ideas off.

Liz intimately understands what development needs VAs have to get their business off the ground and flying, regardless of which business phase they are in. The resources and training she provides are excellent, so relevant and always at the cutting edge.

I’ve had countless mentoring sessions with Liz over the years to help me shape and re-shape my business as I grow and go into the future. Liz’s communication style is generous, warm, funny and motivating, and she knows what it takes to run a successful business. Liz is the ultimate professional, I can’t recommend her highly enough

Susanne Hopfner

Coming Across 121 Temps Was The Best Thing

I came by the 121Temps website quite by chance when I was starting my VA business over 12 months ago. It was the best thing that ever happened. I have gained so much useful information and personal support, and Susan Wilkin is really a star when it comes to giving out advice and good ideas. I have also gained a lot of knowledge by attending the 121Temps online seminars/workshops. For people starting out in the VA business, I highly recommend joining 121Temps.

Anne Rasmussen 

I Can’t Thank 121 Temps Highly Enough

The decision to start my own business was the best decision I ever could have made for both my family and myself.  I cannot speak highly enough of Liz Parker and the 121 Temps team for their ongoing support, guidance and belief in myself and my business aspirations.  Becoming a VA is like a dream come true, I personally get rewarded by the effort that I put in and have the flexible work/life balance that is so sought after.

Belinda Rigney