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Select a category of membership with us and refine your key marketing messages with a mentor.  Talk about pricing tactics and how to onboard your client for retention.

Join and set up your profile, selecting all the services that you provide and using your key marketing messages refined in step 01.

03: Tell others where you are

Link to your profile across your online sites including your website, Linkedin profile, Facebook page and any groups you are a member of, on Instagram, Twitter and any other social sites you use.


About Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant jobs come in many shapes and sizes.


The range of work that virtual assistants do is wide and varied as VAs come from different backgrounds with different talents and skills. There are several online job sites where you can pick up some work.

Don’t be put off by the number of overseas Virtual Assistants offering very low rates. I can assure you that very few provide the same quality of service that Australian Virtual Assistants do.

If you follow our process, you will have the confidence to go after virtual assistant jobs that will pay you what you are worth.  Initially you will be tempted to compete on price and that's ok for 1 or 2 jobs.  Eventually you will realise that the clients you want to work with buy on quality and value not on price.

If you are looking to work as a virtual receptionist, click here for more information.

One of our services, where we help you find your ideal clients is our online VA Directory and Search called VA Placements.

Clients visit this directory for only one thing - to find their perfect virtual assistant.  When clients visit they can find your listing that is more like a mini-website. Clients can contact you directly and also visit your website and social media profiles (depending on the level of listing you choose).

Alternatively, clients can ask us to do a free match for them.  This is what happens next:


The automated system sends you an email asking if you want to accept the lead. 


If you accept the lead, the system will send you an email with the clients details.


You call or email the client directly and talk terms and conditions.  Our system will  only send between 3-5 VA leads to the client.

The Problem with other Online Job Sites:

You are competing against the world and chances are the client will receive hundreds of applications.  In this situation, the client can take a long time to decide on who to appoint the work to.  They might even give up and walk away.  In addition, they find it difficult to compare quotes as they will get too many variations.  The clients also depend on reading your reviews and ratings and if you have just one bad rating it can seriously affect your ability to get more work on these sites. Read our article on the truth about virtual assistant jobs where all your questions are answered.

The Solution:

  1. You are competing against other Australian virtual assistants only.
  2. All virtual assistants listed are bound by our Code of Conduct that is monitored by a professional standards panel.  The clients know this, so they have a high level of trust.
  3. Competition for work is limited.  Our automatic system is set to only allow a maximum number of VA applications.  (set between 3-5)
  4. We provide you with free training on how to convert your clients.
  5. We obtain feedback from the client if they do not hire you.  This helps you refine your conversion process.
  6. Within a few weeks your listing is indexed on Google search results.  Your listing boosts your own website search results ranking as well.

Guide - 20 Ways to find clients fast.

For new virtual assistants struggling to find their first client.