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How to find virtual assistant jobs

Virtual Assistant jobs come in many shapes and sizes.  The range of work that virtual assistants do is wide and varied and they come from different backgrounds with different talents and skills.  There are several online job sites where you can pick up some work.  Don’t be put off by the number of overseas Virtual Assistants offering very low rates.  I can assure you that very few provide the same quality of service that Australian Virtual Assistants do.  If you follow our process, you will have the confidence to go after virtual assistant jobs that will pay you what you are worth and what you believe you can accomplish to a high quality standard.

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VA Directory and Search

One of our services, where we help you find your ideal clients is our online VA Directory and Search.  Clients can find your listing that is more like a mini-website.  Clients can contact you directly and also visit your website and social media profiles (depending on the level of listing you choose).

Once you have an active listing on we can also actively promote your profile throughout our massive online connections and sites.  If you choose a paid subscription we will also help you write and present your profile in the best possible way to attract clients.

Clients Find You

VA Placements is our Client Services side of the business.  Currently, we offer clients a free recruitment service to help them find the right virtual assistant.  You can become part of this service by subscribing to 121temps as a premium member and receive this free as part of this subscription.  Alternatively, you can choose just the listing and select from a range of joining options.

Depending on the options you choose, listed virtual assistants have their own profile page, contact details, lead generator and landing page for special offers.  You can also choose to showcase your work and publish articles to highlight your special interests.  In fact, the listed virtual assistants will have a mini-website that they can choose to drive traffic to.  It is an ideal opportunity for new virtual assistants to concentrate on their marketing rather than on a website that doesn’t get any traffic.

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