"I still can't believe you  don't charge for this course"

Startup As A Virtual Assistant in Australia in 7 Days

Over the past 13 years I have helped thousands of women just like you to start up as a virtual assistant.  I have created a simple, no fluff, 7 lesson course to take you through the steps of starting your own virtual assistant business in Australia.  This course will cover compliance with legal requirements, the services you should offer, naming your business, technology, marketing and basic systems as well as your online reputation.  At the end of the course you will have taken the right steps, in the right order to get started.

Liz Parker

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    Build what matters: Take the right steps in the right order to get started.
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    Learn from the experts: No fluff or wasted time, just good old honest advice that applies to you personally.

I had been running my business for 7 years and in a 40 minute conversation with Liz from 121 Temps my eyes were truly opened to the potential growth and success my business could have by working with them.  I learned so much in such a short period of time and I realised that I would be silly if I didn't accept the help offered by industry professionals to learn from their knowledge and experience.  121 Temps are passionate about making our businesses and our industry grow and succeed.  I recommend them whether you have been in business for a no time or longer.  If you want your business to succeed, 12 Temps have the tools to teach you how.


Kerryn Sonnet


After being away from the workforce for some time due to health problems, I knew I wanted to use my skills to work as a VA from home.  However, I didn't know where to start in making this happen until I found Liz and her team at 121 Temps.  They offer a wealth of knowledge and an excellent professional program to help new VA's get their business up and running.  The program is tailored to individual needs so that you are getting help in the specific areas that you require and with help to set up your business to look the way you want it to look.  I completely recommend 121 Temps to anyone want to start as a virtual assistant.


Sue Johnson

Virtual Assistant

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