Are You Ready to Become a Virtual Assistant?

If you are considering becoming a virtual assistant but not sure if its for you, take this assessment to test your skills and suitability.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant can change your life.  Over the past 13 years we have shown thousands of women how to live the life they want by working virtually.  These women have transformed their lives because they take back control, gain confidence and have a level of flexibility they have craved for a long time.”

Liz Parker

Liz Parker / Coach, Mentor, Trainer for Virtual Assistants

What to Expect From Us

One2one Mentoring

I believe that every virtual business is unique.  Each virtual assistant brings their own unique skills and experiences, attributes and personality, this gives them a unique brand.  They each want something different from their businesses as well, so creating a cookie cutter business just won't work for them.  One to one mentoring means that they build a business they want.


Experienced 121 Temp Team Support

Led by our CEO, Liz Parker, the 121 Temps team is a qualified and experienced group of virtual assistants who have been where you are now.  They have each grown successful virtual assistant businesses and are committed to making your journey as painless as possible


The Largest VA Marketplace Anywhere

All our templates, resources, toolkits, guides, online courses and learning kits have been specifically created to help virtual assistants run their business to the highest standards.  These, together with our live training makes the opportunities for you to learn and grow incomparable with anywhere else.  Plus we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no contracts.  There is no risk to you at all.


Find Virtual Assistant Jobs and Clients

All our members are invited to include their profile on our one-of-a-kind VA Directory and Search -  This automated system helps clients find the virtual assistant they are looking for.  Our system will limit the number of profiles that it sends to any one client to between 3 and 5.  The client can also request a personal recruitment service at no extra cost.  We check all client requests and follow up with the client to meet our quality standards.




Kerryn Sonnet

I had been running my business for 7 years and in a 40 minute conversation with 121temps my eyes were truly opened to the potential for growth.

julie hurman case study

Julia Hurman

I was a struggling VA for a couple of years before I joined 121temps, now I have found that my business is growing by leaps and bounds.


Tony Mills

I can't speak too highly about Liz and her team, they are supportive, caring and a great resource for any virtual assistant.

Main Benefits of Becoming A Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is the term used to describe someone who runs a business from home and delivers their services over the internet.

There are a huge range of services that virtual assistants offer.  This list of services is just the tip of the iceberg.

The major benefits to most women who become a virtual assistant are the following (there are many more but I just don't have the space to list them all):



You are your own boss and have the ability to fit your life and family commitments around your work.  You decide what is important and it is up to you what your priorities are.  Gone are the days when you had to listen to negative comments or disagreements among the team.



You have full control of what you do, who you help and how you help them.  You decide how much you will charge and how many hours you will work as well as when you will do the work.


Build Confidence

Building a business takes commitment and learning.  As a result when you succeed you can full credit for achieving success.  As a result your confidence and skills develops and get stronger over time.


No Office Politics or Commute

You leave office politics far behind.  No one has undue influence over your day and your motivation to succeed increases.  No more long commutes or hectic mornings and drop offs either.

Join us now and get a 7-day bonus course

Our 7 day start up course is delivered by email and includes worksheets.  You can do it all at once or one lesson a day - your choice.
This is a "no fluff" practical course that will show what steps to take to get set up and started as a virtual assistant.

Let us show you how to live the life you want by working virtually.